Following a holistic approach, understanding the importance of geolocation and with a clear awareness that nature does not give us too much time to take the most valuable from berries, we went to the places where berries are grown, selected the best, and directly from the plantation introduced them into the process of drying and converting to powder.

We are proud of the fact that all our products originate from Toplica, one of the cleanest parts of southern Serbia, from our own orchards or from producers we personally know and support.
The process of obtaining blendBERRIES powders is designed to respond to three key and very demanding challenges:

The temperature in the drying phase must not exceed 50°C (at higher temperatures vitamins and antioxidants are very unstable)

Stopping the oxidation process without additional chemicals (important microelements are included in the reaction by oxidation, which significantly degrades the nutritional value of the finished products)

Grinding the whole dried berries to granulation several times smaller than the size of the seeds

We start with the whole fresh fruits without prior squeezing or applying any other procedure that would facilitate drying but also impair the product quality. Cleaned and washed berries are introduced into the drying process at temperatures similar to those in which the berries grew, not higher than 50°C. All the time during drying, the berries are in a completely protected atmosphere, without the influence of the outside environment air, simultaneously completely stopping the oxidation process without any additional substances.


  Drying in a completely protected atmosphere

  Oxidation completely stopped without a single additional substance

The temperature in drying and grinding processes below 50°C

All process equipment from the pharmaceutical use category

Without a single additional chemical in the process

Only 100% powder of the whole premium berries!